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Motsu-nabe of Aizu Jidori
(Hot pot of genuine chicken of Aizu and its offal)

Miso-based hot soup flavored with garlic features offal of chicken that inherits old bloodline of wild chicken of Aizu. This dish warms you up even in the coldest winter day in Aizu.
500 yen per serving >>

Motsu-nabe of Aizu Jidori

Ika-Yaki (Baked Squid)

<< Small squid baked with butter and soy sauce. Soft and juicy.
600 yen


(hot pot of thinly sliced beef with seasonal vegetables, with ponzu)

Fresh beef and other ingredients served with homemade ponzu (citrus-based d sauce). This dish is available also in "party course menu".
3000 yen for 3-4 servings >>     

Baked Mushroom with Bacon  

Baked Mushroom with Bacon

<< Wrapped with bacon and sauteed. Hot and delicious!
500 yen

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