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Kagotafs Recommendation

Salt-flavored Yakitori set using floor-reared chicken, fresh scallion, and other ingredients. 600 yen >>

Kagotafs Recommendation
Jidori Syuumai & Taro Soup  

Jidori Syuumai

<<@Juicy handmade meatball of Jidori (local chicken) wrapped with flour paper. Youfll regret if you miss this dish in Kagota! 450 yen

  Nira Manju (Bun with chive fillings)

Nira Manju (Bun with chive fillings)

@One of Kagotafs most popular dishes regardless of season. Meatball of mince, shrimp, and nira (Japanese chive) wrapped in thin bread. 500 yen (2 pieces) >>


Ika No Shiokara (Fermented squid)Ika No Shiokara (Fermented squid)  

Ika No Shiokara (Fermented squid)

<<Fermented squid with its bowels and salt. Its secret recipe was passed on to the chef of Kagota from his master.
400 yen


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